End of Year brings New Beginnings


Well, that was fast! 2018 has come and almost gone. 


Fall Begins

Just returning to Brooklyn from a nice road trip down to Texas and back. Lots of old friends and old familiar places to revel in.

New writing is in the works, and some new songs are being shared. Keep your ears open, keep your heart wild.


is it the end of '17 already?

so the year seems to be winding down and I've got to tell you, this 'retirement' is coming to an end shortly. There are new songs, there are ROCK songs. there's a slightly new direction, and there's a life position that is allowing for creativity. Thank you for always checking in and for your continued support. EVERY DOWNLOAD, EVERY SHARE, EVERY VIEW is appreciated and doesn't go unnoticed. 

Rolling Through Summer

Strings are beginning to hum, and that dust of 'retirement' is being shaken off. New material is being created and life has led back to song


Chris has also started contributing to GoodPeopleBadHabits in content and music interviews, check it out! 


Next Local Show July 20th @ Petes Candy Store in Williamsburg 


lots of exciting things on the horizon!


some shows, a little Texas trip, new songs 


thanks for sticking around!

Summer 2016

lost info / links - still searching


so, we've updated the site


& some somehow in the process, all news, reviews, links and articles since Beauty & Undertows release have been 'misplaced'


but one of the most important ones to me was the Cover of the Week project from 2014/2015


each week a song was selected either by impulse of request,  a few minutes was spent picking out chords and making an arrangement choice, and then it was recorded to be posted. One rehearsal, One Take, Then Post was the motto


all were recorded on the built in mic of an Imac with no editing or overdub allowed


it was a great project of letting go


here's the link for your listening pleasure

The new EP - 'Beauty and Undertow' is complete


Brian Bender at Motherbrain did a fantastic job (production/mixing), and was ever so patient with the process...



New Website


Welcome to the new website! 


It's been a long time coming, and hopefully this new host/server will be easier.

Studio Time Has Been Booked!


Chris is excited to be recording with Brian Bender at The MotherBrain in Sunset Park Brooklyn, sessions will be in August...

Rustling in the NorthEast


No SXSW for team McFarland this year, but there has been some rustling in the NorthEast...


Stay Tuned


Things are beginning to get exciting again! more shows, new music, tour possibilities, STAY TUNED

New Video

New Year Update

Chris is settling in to his new surroundings, time zone, state, etc ... so things have been a little quiet. There are some local shows beginning to appear to let us know he hasn't forgotten...


Goodbye Texas

With two tours for the new EP under his belt, Chris is spending a little quiet time in Texas & preparing to say goodbye to his hometown of the last 12 years.

Home Again

Home again, Home again ..... or something like that 

Thanks to all the East Coasters who came out and supported, bought an EP, told their friends, etc ... things are moving along, but a short breather for now


East Coast Tour!

So East Coast Tour starts on the 26th in Houston Tx.

29 days 27 shows!

Check the  Tour page

New Year

ahhh.. the new year, lets all hope its a better one.

Chris has done some more recording while in NYC over the new years break.


New Record

so... all this dust needs a shakin'

im pleased to announce that i have FINALLY started recording the next record. Two tracks are done, and were recorded at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Brooklyn by one of my "oldest and bestests" Kyle Fischer while visiting there last month. Some samples of other recordings he has been involved with can be heard through the label he is a part of, the great End Up Records



A little quiet here, doing some writing and recovery

Please take a few moments and visit our friends 

Kevins latest film "When is Tomrrow" is having its Austin Texas Debut at the Alamo Drafthouse.


Holiday Slumber

Enjoy your holiday slumber

Chris will be doing a few local shows, recording, and gearing up for his west coast tour which starts February 17th in El Paso TX as always, check the Tour Page for more info

sleep late


EAST COAST TOUR BEGINS TODAY IN HOUSTON . check the rest of the dates 


wow - time flies

so lets catch up ...

Goldenboy  tour was a huge success

Don't miss them this summer with The Rentals

Chris has been a little distracted with his "day job" (gotta pay those bills somehow), but is working on the new record a little at a time.

Filling in on drums

So the Goldenboy / Chris McFarland tour is about to begin, and we have some more news.

Longtime Goldenboy drummer Bryan Bos has decided to leave the band for personal reasons. Due to this change, Chris will be filling in on drums for the upcoming tour.

so make plans to come out early and stay late! check the Tour Page for a complete listing of the shows.
see you soon

Tour is coming together

Ahh.. springtime in Texas, hope things are good where you are.

The May/June tour is coming together nicely,and we have some exciting news! Chris has joined forces with the California band Goldenboy for all dates.

They have quite a reputation, and are an amazing band... but the real cool news is the tour will be powered by VEGGIE FUEL! No war dollars here, the boys have converted their Ford van to run on waste oil and will be filling up at restaurants/cafe's instead of gas stations.

It's the way of the future ....

check the Tour Page for a complete listing 

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays ...

Relatively quiet on the CM front, but we do want to take the time to thank everyone for the continued support and encouragement.

Chris is slowly working on his record and taking a little time off of the road. Expect some heavy traffic in 2007.

We would also like to take the time and remember two great bands that have decided to move into different directions. Both have been tour mates and good friends over the years.


Happy July!

Happy July!

Chris made it home safely from his east coast adventure.. some highlights - got to play at the legendary CBGB's (before they close for good), bands such as:  Dear and the Headlights, A Decent Animal, Balthrop Alabama shared bills, and made some great new friends. Chris will be at home until the new record is finished, we will update you when we can.


The west coast tour was a great success. Chris shared bills with bands like Swearing at Motorists, The Appleseed Cast , as well as some impressive local acts. Now the days are a little quieter, and its back to creating demos for the new record.

The Bridge Studio (where As If & Given were recorded) has moved, and the structure is in the process of being completed. This is where Chris has chosen to record his next album, and he hopes to have it completed by the end of summer. That being said, a new tour is already being confirmed for the east coast in June to keep his little fingers busy. Check out the Tour Page for the dates.

More touring for the New Year

Happy New Year. Look for more touring and a new record in 2006. West Coast tour dates are being filled in. Spread the Word!

Check the Tour Page for the dates. And if you haven't already, add the My Space Page to your "friends" list. See you soon...

Myspace page

Chris has joined the rest of the "civilized" world and created Please stop by and check it out. Also the west coast tour dates are posted and the venue information will be filled in as the shows get confirmed. If you have any interest in helping out please contact as we are always searching for people to help promote & flyer. More info on the Tour Page

CD Baby Disaster Relief

This past week, the gulf coast was hit with an incredible storm. It will take months of time and millions of dollars for clean up. Chris is joining hundreds of other musicians in donating the profits from his record sales on CD Baby to the RED CROSS Relief FUND. Please go to CD Baby Disaster Relief  and support the cause.

Tour updates

Well since Chris hit the road for the east coast, the Van decided she needed another rest. This time in Gulfport, MS. So many apologies to Atlanta GA & Charleston SC. But the rest of the tour is on schedule and resumes again in Charlotte NC tonight (Aug 24th). There has been an addition of a late show in Syracuse NY for the 28th, so check the Tour Page for all the current information.

West Coast tour

The West Coast tour was an incredible success. Chris got to share the bill with some great acts like Richmond Fontaine and Nik Freitas & The Head Gates. Thanks to Charlie N in Salt Lake City for helping with the van repairs and down time (sorry Ft Collins). As usual, there is another tour in the works. Visit the Tour Page to see the East Coast dates.

Finalized West Coast tour

The West coast tour is pretty much finalized and Chris is leaving as we speak. Visit the Tour Page for all the updated dates and locations and go see Chris in a town near you.

Thanks to CD Baby for featuring Given as one of their albums of the month for May. The great reviews and a fancy spot right on the homepage were much appreciated.


Many Thanks

So Austin has finally calmed down a little from SXSW, Chris is home from tour, and things are back to normal. Many thanks to Rainer Maria &  I Can Lick Any SonofaBitch in the House for reminding us why it is so great to have so many bands come though our fair city in the spring. The May/June West Coast Dates are on the Tour Page More News  To Come 

Happy late New Year

Happy Late New Year -

The first tour of the year has just been announced. The dates are on the Tour Page. This one will cover the southeast, west coast dates will follow in May, then a short break for recording. Check back soon - we will try to keep you updated

RIP - "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott

"Home from tour, taking a rest, & doing some writing" - thats the goings on here. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the support this year, seeing people at the shows is what makes it all worth it. Enjoy your holiday season & Best wishes for the new year.

RIP - "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott 


So, bummed about the election results? Yeah, it does seem the unthinkable has happened.Take comfort in the fact that at least now, that monkey can't be re-elected again. Besides it would have been a shame to have an intelligent, articulate, more liberal person in charge of the united states... oh wait.. what am I saying.

Chris is taking real democracy on the road in the mid-west,  show your support by buying things at the merch table and he promises that no proceeds will go to the bush campaign. check the  Tour Page for more information.



West Coast Tour is underway !! Look for dates w/ Mike D (SOB), Mark Rogers (The Devils Own), Southerly and more. Check the Tour Page


Tour dates

The West coast tour dates are coming together and all dates will be posted to the Tour Page as they are confirmed, so check it out.



The East Coast/Midwest tour is currently underway. Chris will be out the entire month. Check the Tour Page for dates. There are some great shows with Kyle Fischer (of rainer maria), a don diper situation, just to name a few

The New Record "Given" is available at all the shows. Get out and show your support.

West Coast Tour # 2 will begin Aug 18th, more on that soon.



The New Album "Given" is available through CD Baby, They also have the limited pressing of "Distance for Departure". Until we get them up on our store this is the best place for you to buy them. CD Baby also has them up for digital distribution through services like itunes, Napster, Audio Lunchbox etc.. Go check it out.

On the road

Chris is currently on the road, and if you live along the west coast, he is coming to a town near you. Check the Tour Page for dates. After a short break, Chris will head east on his second tour of the year.




Thanks to your votes, Chris will be opening the SUICIDE GIRLS LIVE BURLESQUE SHOW in Austin on January 17th @ EMOS (603 Red River)

Chris has also just signed with HAYWIRE BOOKING,  who will help bring the rock to a town near you for a FULL U.S. TOUR in May/June 2004.

West Coast Tour begins February 26th in Phoenix,Az.

Dates will be posted soon.


On top of a few local shows coming up, Chris was just named as a finalist for the Austin stop of the SUICIDE GIRLS tour this January - HE NEEDS YOUR VOTES TO WIN!! Please go to & vote for Chris on the 1/17 date.

West Coast tour postponed

It is with much regret that we announce the postponement of the west coast tour. Expect to see Chris back on the road this February.

Elliott Smith

It has been a year of loss in American music. The resent death of Johnny Cash, and today the passing of Elliott Smith.

His passionate songwriting and delicate textures were always a unique comfort. He will truly be missed.


Highlights of the trip

It was a good time, but Chris is home from tour. Highlights of the trip: Sturgess biker rally, Mt. Rushmore, and hanging out with some of the guys from the Circle Jerks. The van has a whopping 10,000 new miles on the odometer and Chris has shelved (at least for a while) the tempermental drum machine. Thanks to everyone for coming out and catching their neighborhood Chris McFarland show.

Right now Chris is taking time off to finish writing the new record. Recording times are slowly getting penciled in and the record is roughly scheduled to release sometime in Spring 2003.


Currently in the works; A month long tour of the US to run early August through mid-September. This will be the last major tour for Chris before he returns to the studio and finishes up the new album (to be recorded at The Bridge studios in Austin, TX). The tour will offer up a set list with new songs from the new record. Another treat will occur during the first two weeks of the tour, when Chris shares the bill with longtime friend Kyle Fischer (of Rainer Maria). He will then head off to the west coast solo. For more info and on Kyle and their shared dates, check the tour page or and

CONTEST TIME!!! In Music We Trust Records will host a month-long contest for Chris' CDs and T-Shirts, so stop by and get registered to win some free stuff.

New EP Three from Given

Thanks to everyone who have been coming out to the local shows and making them a success, there will be more to come so check the tour page as it will be updated often.

The limited pressings are finished and we have good news for you! Chris decided on top of doing the 2003 version of Distance for Departure, there is also a new EP called Three from Given which features 3 songs from the upcoming album. Both of these are available at the shows, and will become available from the online store in the next few weeks.

Given mastered!

From Chris - "well, the album is done, mastered, & ready to go!"

That's right. The follow up to the critically acclaimed 2001 release - As If To Lay To Rest - has been completed, just a few more steps then it's off to be pressed and soon to be in your hands. Its called - Given - and will feature 9 new songs.We've posted one new track (broken laughter) on Chris' page for your listening pleasure, just go to the LISTEN page and follow the links to the site.A few more local shows then its off for TOUR. Chris will be heading to the mid-west/east coast for the first leg,a west coast tour will follow shortly after. Keep checking back here for new information and dates.

In other news Chris has decided to repress 1999's Distance For Departure in a limited run, hand silk-screened and numbered batch. As soon as these gems become available we will let you know.

Look Out!

Chris will be heading out on the road again in the Southeast so be on the lookout. More news &  photos soon !!


Thanks to everyone who came out to shows on the west coast trip. Here's to great shows and making it home safe. Ed Royal ran like a champ and didn't roll once. 

The East Coast/Midwest tour is well on its way to being booked, so check the tour page for more details.

SXSW brought great bands to Austin this past month, but by far our new fave is fellow In Music We Trust band Knievel. They are a great group of musicians and an all-around fantastic set of people. They flew in from thier native Australia to tour the US and spent a week with Chris and company in Austin. We have to say they are the toughest  band we have ever met, Aussies or no. Lead guitarist/singer Wayne made jokes moments after a stray guitar from a SXSW stage split his head open (requiring a 3a.m. run to the hospital and 4 stitches). Check out their stuff at the Knievel site.

Chris is working on several overseas tours and will have more info soon.

Interview/ Photo shoot

so spring is upon us and album news is coming your way, Due to some scheduling conflicts there was a brief break in sessions during Feb & March - but all is underway. The Bridge Studio is again the spot where the magic is happening, and the rough mixes are sounding great.  Chris will be doing a handful of local shows breaking in some of the new material so check the tour page for the latest performance updates.

a new music magazine has raised its head in Texas and Chris was selected for an interview and photo shoot. check out for more details - the article and pictures should be available for online viewing soon.

Top Ten

Tour. Chris will be spending Febuary on the road. Chris will leave Texas in the newest addition to the McFarland entourage, Ed Royal. Pictures to come. This beauty of a conversion van will take Chris through AZ, CO, CA, OR, UT, ID, WA... hopefully even home this time. Check the tour page for the dates and locations. As always, please check with the venue or local papers to confirm the show before heading out.

Top Ten. As 2001 rolled to a close, everyone shuffled papers and released their top picks of the year. No matter how obligatory the activity, Chris was happy to squeeze onto a few rosters. Citizen Snob gave Chris a slot on their current faves list. Read the review on their site or visit the reviews link above

Delusions of Adequacy likes Chris, too. Visit them to read the list with raves.



Chris appears on a compilation for RAINN. The song "Twang" from As If To Lay To Rest appears on Sqish Me Down Records' compilation to benefit the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network. The comp features 18 northwest artists and proceeds go straight to RAINN. (Chris gets grandfathered in to the NW locals thanks to the In Music We Trust HQ in Portland). The record is available from Squish Me Down Records. It's a great cause so pick one up.


RAINN is a non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C., operating America's only national hotline for victims of sexual assault. The hotline-800.656.HOPE-offers free, confidential counseling and support 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the country.

RAINN was founded on music: the organization was started using donations from Warner Music and Atlantic Records. The organization gained widespread buzz when high-profile artist and rape activist Tori Amos featured RAINN booths at her shows. RAINN has also seen celebrity support from Sarah McLachlan, R.E.M., Natalie Merchant, Jewel, Sheryl Crow, The Dave Matthews Band, U2, Ani DiFranco, Paul Shaffer, Jennifer Aniston, Jennie Garth, Jamie Walters and Michael J. Fox.

To read more about RAINN, please visit  For charitable donations to support RAINN check out their site, for purchasing more stuff benefiting RAINN, click on the "Buy RAINN Gear" link.

Tour in early 2002 It's that time again. Chris will shrug off the jinx of the last tour and hit the road again in Febuary. The tour is not completely booked, but the skeleton is definitely there, and confirmed dates are posted on the tour page.

Chris will leave Texas and head west again, with stops along the great desert, west coast, into the northwest and Canada. Keep checking back with the tour page, as the dates will be posted as we get them. If you want to get in touch and book a show in a northwest town near you, please contact Chris' booking agent at EMAIL.

'Distance Sold Out' The first pressing of Chris' first full length, Distance For Departure is temporarily sold out. In Music We Trust Records has plans to re-press the record, but no date has been set as of yet. Will let you know more...


In Music We Trust  Online Zine Gets It

Chris' label is also home to one of the best online music zines for every type of music you could ever want. The latest from the IMWT front is that thieves can't keep a good thing down... but they can try to sell it. Overseas hackers loved the IMWT zine site so much they tried to steal it for themselves and make a profit off the hardworking IMWT folks. The problems have been reconciled, although the perpetrators have not yet been captured or flogged. Must be that sexy new site design! At any rate, IMWT posts some great interviews (they somehow manage to get their hands on everyone), reviews, etc. Well worth a stoppin' by if you haven't been in a while. This month features Solex, The Strokes, Bell & Sebastian, and those awesome guys in Flickerstic. Cool free stuff for the month: The Strokes. Try it, you'll like it. In Music We Trust

Reviews Page Coming Sooner Than Later To save from the news page becoming as unweilding and long as Crystal Gail's hair, we will be moving all the alblum and show reviews to their own page. For now the only way to get to the reviews page will be with the REVIEWS link at the top of this page. Yee Haw

Update on the accedient


The Willamette Week Online music column "Hiss & Vinegar" put it best so here you go:


The life of a touring musician is never an easy one--and that's before the van tips over.

Every road warrior's worst nightmare unfolded for Austin singer/songwriter Chris McFarland and his band last Wednesday, as they rolled their van on I-205 while en route to Seattle. McFarland and company are in the Northwest to support As If To Lay To Rest, his new album on Portland label In Music We Trust. 

No one died. The damage was bad enough, though. McFarland sustained a concussion and was rushed to an emergency room from the scene of the crash. Also bound for Clooneyland was drummer Jonathan Ribble, who spent a day and a half hooked to a respirator with a collapsed lung. 

Meanwhile, though weak, in pain and disoriented by the concussion, Valium and anti-swelling meds, McFarland displayed the guts of a true performer and carried on. He and bassist Josh Bandy, who sustained only minor injuries in the smash-up, played their gig scheduled for that Friday at Dante's. 

The group's van was totaled in the wreck, leaving Bandy and McFarland no way to return to Austin. So the duo and IMWT prez Alex Steininger decided to take up a collection at the show. Enter The Standard, the buzz-heavy Portland indie band that shared the bill with McFarland's truncated outfit. The quartet ponied up its entire share of the club's cover charge to help out their stranded brethren. Unable to fly because of his respiratory injury, Ribble must return to Texas via Amtrak.

In other news:

Delusions of Adequacy online music zine posts interview with Chris.

Chris spoke with interviewer Jeff while on the ill-fated tour. They discuss on-the-road therapy, performing live, how a song is born and more...



Chris, Jonathan and Josh were in a serious car accident in Portland on Wednesday, August 29th. Chris and Jonathan were taken by ambulance to University Hospital and released late August 30th. All of them are in a lot of pain, but doing a bit better and resting up with friends in Portland. The Beast (Chris' pimp van), suffered from severe airborn and ground rotation. Her flattened and crumpled remains will be layed to rest in a nearby Portland wrecker yard. She saved the guy's life and will be missed.

Stubbornly (they cannot be talked out of it), Chris and Josh will do their best to play the Portland record release show at Dante's on Friday the 31st.

Jonathan will not be able to play due to his injuries. No. 2 and The Standard are still on the bill. Donations will also accepted to try and get the guys home as well as help with the mounting medical bills. 

The remainder of the tour will be canceled, although Chris will return home and try to recouperate for the Austin shows on the 11th and 18th.

So, in trying to have a sense of humor about the whole thing, we ask: What band is really a band without a good wreck under their belt? As long as they stay away from airplanes...

If you are in the Portland area, please head out to the record release, every bit of support counts.


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