by Chris McFarland

Released 2004
self released
Released 2004
self released
Aggressive, emotional, acoustic based rock.
Chris McFarland's latest record, "Given", covers a vast musical landscape.

An aggressive, percussive, and capable acoustic rock album. "Given" expands beyond McFarland's bare-bones approach on his debut full-length, "As If To Lay To Rest", adding piano and strings, for a richer, more textural feel to his already dense delivery.

McFarland's trademark worn, in-your-face voice gives the songs their heart, while their soul comes alive through his rocker approach when he forceably plays his acoustic guitar like no other.

"Given" is a tightly produced, jagged, but still tender and poignant rock album appealing to indie, folk, and pop fans alike.

The music allows the listener to pick themselves back up, shake the pain off, and continue going, telling yourself nothing is going to beat you down.

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