Another Year is Upon Us

like a lot of musicians, the wind got knocked out of me in 2020. 

I had to wholly redefine who i was and how to make a sustainiable income for myself and my family. 

This has led to an extended…

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somehow its 2022

Hey there .... long time no ..... anything 

The Covid 19 Global Pandemic took its toll on so many of us.

Artists who released albums with the hopes of touring and / or playing shows cast to the wayside for…

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March 2021

I recently got to chat with Jason Bemis Lawrence (Jesse Marchant, Balthrop Alabama, The Building, Dean & Britta) on his Wonderful 'Before The Stream' Podcast all about one of my favorite albums, The Afghan Whigs Gentlemen.

We discussed the album…

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Happy New Year

Well.... that was 2020.... hope you all survived OK. Looking forward to a new year, a new president, a new climate, a reliable vaccine, and a return to being able to gather safely and share music.


July through Covid Whenever :( 

Like a lot of you, things have been strange.

It has been challenging to find the best way to navigate my way though all of this chaos we are living in.

A lot to look forword to on the horizon…

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With so much going on in the world right now, it's hard to stay focused on the positive. I want to thank you all for continuing to support and encourage musicians like me during this unsettling time. I believe we…

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Deeply touched and encouraged by all your generosities through this odd time in our history.

Those of you who have donated or adjusted the prices on your Bandcamp purchases have assisted with keeping me and my family fed and safe. 

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Release month !

Ive uploaded the EP to my BandCamp and upon purchase you'll receive an immediate download of the track Pedestal 

April 17th the full download will be available, as well as the EP will arrive to all your…

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My next release, The Bare EP, will arrive to the world April 17th via End Up Records

This EP is a collection of songs I recorded as demos in July on my phone. They were initially just intended to be…

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January 2020

While we wait for winters arrival I've been going over demos and deciding on the tracklist for the next record.

Info Coming Soon 



The end of another is upon us, and I can't thank you enough for always listening, supporting, and encouraging.

May you and all your families have a joyous season

New Music Next Year, PROMISE 


writing again