New Video

Its HOT in Brooklyn ...that's the news, but there is also a new Video that was shot here for "Sound and the Safety". MackAttack Films is responsible, and did a fantastic job.


Check it out! 


New Year Update

Chris is settling in to his new surroundings, time zone, state, etc ... so things have been a little quiet. There are some local shows beginning to appear to let us know he hasn't forgotten.

There will be a break…


Goodbye Texas

With two tours for the new EP under his belt, Chris is spending a little quiet time in Texas & preparing to say goodbye to his hometown of the last 12 years.

Chris will be leaving Austin Tx for the…


Home Again

Home again, Home again ..... or something like that 

Thanks to all the East Coasters who came out and supported, bought an EP, told their friends, etc ... things are moving along, but a short breather for now

Dont Forget…


East Coast Tour!

So East Coast Tour starts on the 26th in Houston Tx.

29 days 27 shows!

Check the  Tour page

also, Chris is pleased to announce that he has teamed up with End Up Records for his new EP. Its titled…


New Year

ahhh.. the new year, lets all hope its a better one.

Chris has done some more recording while in NYC over the new years break.

While everything seems to always be moving much slower than he wants, the results are…


New Record

so... all this dust needs a shakin'

im pleased to announce that i have FINALLY started recording the next record. Two tracks are done, and were recorded at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Brooklyn by one of my "oldest and…



A little quiet here, doing some writing and recovery

Please take a few moments and visit our friends 

Kevins latest film "When is Tomrrow" is having its Austin Texas Debut at the Alamo Drafthouse.

Chris has two songs on…


Holiday Slumber

Enjoy your holiday slumber

Chris will be doing a few local shows, recording, and gearing up for his west coast tour which starts February 17th in El Paso TX as always, check the Tour Page for more info

sleep late



EAST COAST TOUR BEGINS TODAY IN HOUSTON . check the rest of the dates 



wow - time flies

so lets catch up ...

Goldenboy  tour was a huge success

Don't miss them this summer with The Rentals

Chris has been a little distracted with his "day job" (gotta pay those bills somehow), but is…


Filling in on drums

So the Goldenboy / Chris McFarland tour is about to begin, and we have some more news.

Longtime Goldenboy drummer Bryan Bos has decided to leave the band for personal reasons. Due to this change, Chris will be filling in…