Well, all good things must come to an end.

This month is the final installment (this time) of my SongWritersCircle at Pete's Candy Store.

These shows have been a truly refreshing experience, giving me the opportunity to try out…


it's that time again, here is the line up for the next SongWritersCircle at Pete's Candy Store

Thanks again to those that have been coming out, seeing some now familiar faces

This month the incredible Jason Bemis Lawrence and Pascal


Hope your Spring is starting well 

The response to last months SongWriters Circle at Pete's Candy Store was incredible.

The room was so full we had to convince the bar to leave the sliding doors open so people could gather…


It's winter (sort of) here in NYC and everyone is searching for those indoor activities 

Thanks to everyone who came out to the January show, we had a blast!

Here is the info for the second installment of the SongWritersCircle…

January 2019 - First Pete's Show Details

Happy New Year!

I'm excited about the opportunity to host and perform at these SongWriters Circle events. 

Petes Candy Store has certainly become a home to me here in Brooklyn. If you've never been its essentially a train car shoved…


End of Year brings New Beginnings


Well, that was fast!


2018 has come and almost gone. 


I wanted to take a minute and thank each and every one of you that have continued to check in, ask about songs new and old, and provide words of…

Fall Begins

Just returning to Brooklyn from a nice road trip down to Texas and back. Lots of old friends and old familiar places to revel in.

New writing is in the works, and some new songs are being shared. Keep your…

is it the end of '17 already?

so the year seems to be winding down and I've got to tell you, this 'retirement' is coming to an end shortly.  <p>


There are new songs, there are ROCK songs. there's a slightly new direction, and there's a life…


Rolling Through Summer

Strings are beginning to hum, and that dust of 'retirement' is being shaken off. New material is being created and life has led back to song


Chris has also started contributing to GoodPeopleBadHabits in content and music interviews, check it…



lots of exciting things on the horizon!


some shows, a little Texas trip, new songs 


thanks for sticking around!