Another Year is Upon Us

like a lot of musicians, the wind got knocked out of me in 2020. 

I had to wholly redefine who i was and how to make a sustainiable income for myself and my family. 

This has led to an extended hiatus, and i have had a hard time shaking the dust off. 

Im still playing and creating songs in my head, but i have yet to really dedicate any time to actually writing something start to finish since all this began in the spring of 2020.

i havent forgotten about you, and i appreciate the messages, downloads, and purchases more than you'll ever know. Living a bit more remote these days since leaving NYC, but I feel the longing for what i used to do and the music i created. 

i want to create again, i want to sing again, i want to feel the hum of an amplifier though a PA.

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