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Some Saturday Rawk

Spider House, 2908 East Fruth Street, Austin, TX

Stupid Drama , Chamberlin Greene, Chris McFarland (w/full band), & MethoDrone




Pete's Candy Store, 70 Lorimer St, Brooklyn, NY

w/Pascal Balthrop 

Free ($5 Suggested Donation)



Pete's Candy Store, 70 Lorimer St, Brooklyn, NY

w/Paul Magna & Don Piper

Free ($5 suggested donation)

End of Year brings New Beginnings 


Well, that was fast!


2018 has come and almost gone. 


I wanted to take a minute and thank each and every one of you that have continued to check in, ask about songs new and old, and provide words of encouragement and support. This past year brought many changes to me personally, and I finally feel like Im ready to commit to this creative process again.


Starting in January, I'll have a residency at Pete's Candy Store in Brooklyn that Im calling SundaySongWritersCircle. Ill be debuting new songs and…

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Fall Begins 

Just returning to Brooklyn from a nice road trip down to Texas and back. Lots of old friends and old familiar places to revel in.

New writing is in the works, and some new songs are being shared. Keep your ears open, keep your heart wild.


is it the end of '17 already? 

so the year seems to be winding down and I've got to tell you, this 'retirement' is coming to an end shortly.  <p>


There are new songs, there are ROCK songs. there's a slightly new direction, and there's a life position that is allowing for creativity.  <p>


Thank you for always checking in and for your continued support. EVERY DOWNLOAD, EVERY SHARE, EVERY VIEW is appreciated and doesn't go unnoticed.   <p>


Rolling Through Summer 

Strings are beginning to hum, and that dust of 'retirement' is being shaken off. New material is being created and life has led back to song


Chris has also started contributing to GoodPeopleBadHabits in content and music interviews, check it out! 


Next Local Show July 20th @ Petes Candy Store in Williamsburg 


lots of exciting things on the horizon!


some shows, a little Texas trip, new songs 


thanks for sticking around!

lost info / links - still searching 

so, we've updated the site



& some somehow in the process, all news, reviews, links and articles since Beauty & Undertows release have been 'misplaced'



but one of the most important ones to me was the Cover of the Week project from 2014/2015



each week a song was selected either by impulse of request,  a few minutes was spent picking out chords and making an arrangement choice, and then it was recorded to be posted. One rehearsal, One Take, Then Post was the motto



all were recorded on the…

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The new EP - 'Beauty and Undertow' is complete 

The new EP - 'Beauty and Undertow' is complete.


It features 5 new songs, and will be released 8/21/12 on EndUpRecords


Brian Bender at Motherbrain did a fantastic job (production/mixing), and was ever so patient with the process


The album features:

                           William Kuehn - percussion

                           Caithlin DeMarrais - backing vocal

                           Kyle Fischer - lap steel

                           Brian Bender - bass / backing vocal

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New Website 

Welcome to the new website!


It's been a long time coming, and hopefully this new host/server will be easier to do updates on and change more frequently.


Lots to report: Recording has begun for the new record. 3 days down and almost all basic tracking is done. It features Bill Kuehn, Caithlin De Marrais, and Kyle Fischer (all from Rainer Maria) as well as Brian Bender (Manner), & Jon Anderson currently scheduled for a late summer release on End Up Records then it will be in your hands with some touring…

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Studio Time Has Been Booked! 

Studio Time Has Been Booked!


Chris is excited to be recording with Brian Bender at The MotherBrain in Sunset Park Brooklyn, sessions will be in August. It should be an extravagant affair, and there will be some more information about how you can help out (via Kickstater) very soon.


for info on the studio check out MotherBrain