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★★★ - "With a clear concept of what makes his gimmickless songs most effective, McFarland wears his heart on his sleeve, but doesn't let it bleed on the carpet” - Michael Toland

The Austin Chronicle

Chris McFarland unites a raspy vocal style typically associated with heavier styles of music and juxtaposes it with a lighter acoustic folk sound, creating an interesting style dubbed “angry folk”.” - Jack Lyons

— americanaUK

McFarland genuinely delivers during much of the record, complete with soaring moments that make one’s hairs stand on end.” - Shawn M. Haney

Performer Magazine

One can imagine McFarland being this generations Bruce Springsteen if he wanted to go down that route ” - John Book  

This Is Books Music

providing all the evidence you need that he's a singer/songwriter extraordinaire. ” - Charles A. Smith

The Entertainment Bank

McFarland has held up a steadfast commitment to musical storytelling, deploying his lyric honesty and arresting voice to illuminate and engage emotions that are at once intimately specific and helplessly universal” - Jonathan DiMarco

— Rattlecan Radio

He reminds me a bit of this years model Elvis Costello... Worth a listen...Stand out track is Simple Selfish Plan” - Ginger Coyote

Punk Globe

The sounds on Beauty and Undertow are in their own world, one full of passion, melody” - Mary Leary  

My Old Kentucky Blog

The new EP is McFarland at his best, pouring out his frustration and anger on one song and waxing poetic on the next. It’s an urgent set of tunes that haunt, haunt, haunt – intense and out on the edge” - Jen Stratosphere

— DOA: For the Love of Music