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Some Saturday Rawk

Spider House, 2908 East Fruth Street, Austin, TX

Stupid Drama , Chamberlin Greene, Chris McFarland (w/full band), & MethoDrone




Pete's Candy Store, 70 Lorimer St, Brooklyn, NY

w/Pascal Balthrop 

Free ($5 Suggested Donation)



Pete's Candy Store, 70 Lorimer St, Brooklyn, NY

w/Paul Magna & Don Piper

Free ($5 suggested donation)

★★★ - "With a clear concept of what makes his gimmickless songs most effective, McFarland wears his heart on his sleeve, but doesn't let it bleed on the carpet” - Michael Toland

The Austin Chronicle

One can imagine McFarland being this generations Bruce Springsteen if he wanted to go down that route” - John Book

This Is Books Music

What’s perhaps most striking in the playing of Beauty and Undertow is McFarland’s melancholy, poignant vocals that complete his trademark sound. With songs of ambition, newfound clarity and the seeking of a faith-filled concept, McFarland genuinely delivers during much of the record, complete with soaring moments that make one’s hairs stand on end.” - Shawn M. Haney

Performer Magazine