New Record

so... all this dust needs a shakin'

im pleased to announce that i have FINALLY started recording the next record. Two tracks are done, and were recorded at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Brooklyn by one of my "oldest and bestests" Kyle Fischer while visiting there last month. Some samples of other recordings he has been involved with can be heard through the label he is a part of, the great End Up Records

Ive been writing and changing old ideas into new offerings for the last few weeks and am scheduling time here in Austin to flush out the rest of the songs.

The writing process has taken on a different form for me this time around, and it feels less forced than what i was attempting to start last year.

The initial plan is to have an EP out late fall. Do some touring in February. Release the full length in the late spring.. and then tour tour tour 

Life changes have been challenging, and this is the fuel for the fire 

i look forward to sharing with you again 

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