Chris, Jonathan and Josh were in a serious car accident in Portland on Wednesday, August 29th. Chris and Jonathan were taken by ambulance to University Hospital and released late August 30th. All of them are in a lot of pain, but doing a bit better and resting up with friends in Portland. The Beast (Chris' pimp van), suffered from severe airborn and ground rotation. Her flattened and crumpled remains will be layed to rest in a nearby Portland wrecker yard. She saved the guy's life and will be missed.

Stubbornly (they cannot be talked out of it), Chris and Josh will do their best to play the Portland record release show at Dante's on Friday the 31st.

Jonathan will not be able to play due to his injuries. No. 2 and The Standard are still on the bill. Donations will also accepted to try and get the guys home as well as help with the mounting medical bills. 

The remainder of the tour will be canceled, although Chris will return home and try to recouperate for the Austin shows on the 11th and 18th.

So, in trying to have a sense of humor about the whole thing, we ask: What band is really a band without a good wreck under their belt? As long as they stay away from airplanes...

If you are in the Portland area, please head out to the record release, every bit of support counts.


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